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Alfa Romeo Duetto 2.0

• Anno di produzione: 1991
• Cilindrata: 2000 c.c.
• Potenza: 117 cv
• Giri al minuto: n.d.
• Posti omologati: n° 2

In the last series of 1989, the Pininfarina returns to its origins, creating a clean and stringy line obtained by eliminating the appendages that weighed it down the line; with the disappearance of the spoiler the look is more slender and decidedly attractive. The bumpers are of the integrated type, more recessed and of the same color as the bodywork, the mark on the front shield which is revised and obtained from the bumper, the side skirts are replaced by the coprilongheroni. The new electric rear-view mirrors adjustable from the inside and the rear light clusters are redesigned in the style of the then flagship 164. The mechanical scheme remains unchanged and the Spider is offered in the 1,600 version with carburetors with engine AR 01563 with 109 bhp at 6,000 rpm and 2,000 cm³ version with electronic injection, the latter equipped with a phase variator acting on the suction shaft. The 2,000 is equipped with a 126 hp AR01590 engine and a 120 hp AR01588 engine fitted with a catalytic converter and lambda probe. This version is initially marketed for the US market, from 1992 it becomes the only version of the Spider 2.0i cat. The “Quarta Serie” was produced in (18.456 units) and sold in three versions: 1600 with carburetors, and 2000 i.e. and 2000 i.e. catalyzed; all offers with the possibility of having the hard-top unchanged compared to the “3rd Series” as an accessory. In 1990 colors were initially proposed such as the classic “Rosso Alfa”, the “Nero”, the “Grigio Metallizzato” and the “Bianco “. Starting in 1991, the color range was extended with the addition of the “Metallic Red Winner, mistakenly mistaken by many for the” Rosso Proteo “(the lighter pearly Red on the Alfa Romeo Proteo prototype) and the” Verde Inglese “. All these colors included the beige interior. In 1992 the “Giallo Ginestra” was also proposed with a black interior, an interior layout that was offered as an option also with the other colors since 1992. It was offered as an option the possibility of having interiors completely in red leather, combined with the “Nero “Or with the” White “. One of the first prototypes was presented in pink in 1989, a Rosso Proteo prototype was also made with a red leather interior, a metallic green prototype with a sand-leather interior and a blue metalized prototype with a blue leather interior.


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Free rental

We offer our guests the pleasure of discovering the beauties of Tuscany in total freedom in one or more days, to do in succession or combine in a single trip every month of the year.At departure, we will give you directions on your vintage car with suggestions of where to stop, what to see, where to eat, where to rest. You can pick up your car at our office or, if you prefer, we will let you find it where you are staying. On request we guarantee mechanical assistance, a replacement car and everything that can help make this experience unique.

Vintage Experience

We will leave from Fucecchio towards Cerreto Guidi crossing the hills that overlook the Padule di Fucecchio, and then head to Montelupo Fiorentino for a coffee break at the Ceramics Museum. Later, we will go to the Chianti, to Montespertoli, Castelfiorentino and San Miniato, finally returning to Fucecchio.

Additional information: To make this experience even more unique, there will be our support car to show the way and provide any assistance needed. Enjoy the experience in maximum comfort and relax!

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Gift Box Set

An original and fascinating gift for an experience suitable for any occasion: an exclusive wedding gift or a nice idea for an anniversary or birthday. For a Christmas to remember or for a romantic Valentine’s Day.

We will send to you or directly to the person celebrated, an elegant gift pack with the kit of the perfect Classic Driver, a first step towards the experience that the customer will live. The booking voucher, valid for up to 12 months, allows the customer to receive a beautiful gift today, but to take advantage of the rental when he prefers, according to his needs.

Delivery and collection at our office

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