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Campanili e ceramiche

San Miniato, Val di Pesa, Fiesole, Montelupo

Un viaggio attraverso territori ricchi di storia, cultura, spiritualità, dalle colline di San Miniato a Fiesole con i suoi scavi e le abbazie, partendo dal profumo di tartufo per approdare ai colori della ceramiche artigianali.
km 128

A journey through the rich history of territories, culture, spirituality, from the hills of San Miniato in Fiesole with its excavations and abbeys, starting from the truffle to the land and the colors of handmade pottery.
km 128

On board of a car from the innate charm, visiting San Miniato, an ancient village with a great history and culture, the seat of a diocese who wrote the fate of Tuscany and the fortifications of Frederick II, accompanied by the scent of white truffle, one of the riches of this place. Proceed to the inner roads of Tuscany by one of the Val di Pesa, a rich villages of the valley (San Casciano, Barberino Val di Pesa, San Casciano Val di Pesa), taste and history. Passing by beautiful Florence, you arrive on a hill from which the ancient city had its true origins: Fiesole, with its sanctuary, the Cathedral, the town hall, the ancient and well-preserved Roman Theatre with its excavations from the visit, the beautiful square in which to sample some local delicacies and then look out over the panorama of the whole Florentine expanse. You go back along the Arno trail stopping at Montelupo Fiorentino, the pottery town, where the ancient manufacture workshops lead in world of ingenuity and manual creativity that becomes plates, vases and works of art of precious caliber.

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