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Colors and flavors

Vinci, Quarrata, Barberino di Mugello, Lago Bilancino

Among scents and colors, the green of the greenhouses, the brown of the wood; between taste and sight, the taste of mushrooms and the blue lake.
km 154

An impressive and varied itinerary that as a first step lead to the birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci, where the great genius was born and lived. In addition to its birthplace, you can visit the museum dedicated to him, filled with tricks worthy of his genius. Crossing the green Pistoia lands, home to greenhouses and the most beautiful plants cultivation fields, you get to Quarrata, the city of furniture for the presence of a network of small and medium-sized enterprises that produce and sell furniture, especially upholstered. Going up to the charming streets of Tuscany, you will arrive in Mugello, with its flavors and scents of chestnuts, mushrooms and good food, but also the green woods and the blue of the lake. Barberino is an ancient village to explore, with its charming boutiques and the warmth of its people, as well as the nearby Borgo San Lorenzo. A few kilometers to Lake Bilancino, the largest artificial lake in Tuscany, wonder for its immense surface, and the services it offers. Not far away there is a well-known outlet with designer labels and the most varied accessories.

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