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Get out of a classic car in style to make your wedding vows with Classic Drives’ vintage car rent in Beetle for wedding Tuscany

Equipped with a fleet of awe-inspiring vintage cars, Classic Drives provide vintage car rental and buying services in the Tuscany region. We also take a comprehensive view to facilitate the most organized and pleasant experiences, making us the best vintage car rental service provider in the region. Among the many services we offer, the vintage car rent in Beetle for wedding Tuscany is one of the most popular ones.

Vintage Car Rent in Beetle for Weddings Tuscany
With the rare, exquisite 1977 Volkswagen Beetle Maggiolone Bicolor in our armor, we can light up even the grandest of wedding ceremonies held in Tuscany. A nice complement to the delightful natural setting of Tuscany, our Beetle is painted in red and cream, creating a nice contrast with its white interior. Once adorned with decorative flowers, nothing can match the sophisticated wedding vibes offered by this iconic VW car.

A Truly Unforgettable Wedding Day Experience
Knowing how complicated it is to arrange a wedding, our vintage car rent in Beetle for wedding Tuscany initiative comes with all the necessary instructions. Whether it’s on a quiet hilly path, or amidst the bustling city streets, you can rely on our Beetle to help you make a grand opening to your wedding. Just give us a call, now!

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