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Walls, towers and sea

Altopascio, Lucca, Pisa, costa Toscana

An itinerary among the symbols of cities rich in culture, architecture, history, from the walls and the tower down to the sea where you can enjoy freshly caught fish among ancient treasures and fascinating.
km 155

Aboard the spider or coupe vintage, make a few kilometers where you can enjoy driving. First stop in Altopascio, rich fortified town of archaeological excavations and cultural events. Its well known for being the city of bread. Continue to Lucca, one of the most characteristic cities of Tuscany, with its walls covered on foot for an unforgettable and unique walk. The churches, the square built over the ancient Roman amphitheater, the narrow streets of the ancient city are combined with the welcome and the flavors and international shooting festivals organized in various periods of the year. From the fortified city to the tower cities: Pisa amazes with its Campo dei Miracoli, the Duomo, the ancient cemetery, the Baptistery and the leaning tower, a symbol of Italy. Pisa is a city of culture with its museums and prestigious universities. A few kilometers away, you arrive on the Tuscan coast, so rich and so varied. In the Pisa, the welcoming sea with its walks through the flavors of freshly caught fish and colors of waves and meadows are combined with the history, religious and architectural culture as the beautiful church of San Pietro in Grado, in the Romanesque style.


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